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An MDS Coordinator is worth their weight in gold

An MDS Coordinator is worth their weight in gold

Our MDS Courses

We offer courses on completing MDS assessments directly to students for an affordable fee. The courses teach critical thinking skills to students who will become MDS coordinators. We also provide consultation training for students to consult with the corporations that operate in tandem with skilled nursing facilities. The curriculum focuses on entrepreneurialism, understanding the MDS skill set and coding, and individual state licensing.


MDS LTC training is conducted at El Centro College/Bill Priest Institute as part of the North Texas Small Business Development Center network. The course is taught using software from The Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).

The MDS LTC training utilizes several key course components. The first component teaches the process of MDS and its history. Students will learn the history of TILES and MDS 2.0 in order to understand how they integrate into the newest version of MDS, 3.0.

The second and largest component of the training will be a thorough defining and explanation of MDS 3.0. Here, students learn the specialty skills set, rules and regulations, Medicare reimbursement rates, and coding used to complete assessment forms. Students will then be given a practicum, clinical case studies where they must put their new technical knowledge of MDS coding to use. The practicum teaches students data entry skills, allowing them to input MDS codes and RUGS into a system specially created for training purposes.

The system will educate them on how to navigate within the bounds of the Medicaid/Medicare rules and regulations. As a result of learning this component of the training, students will gain a thorough understanding of MDS data entry skills, an understanding of the code set, and be able to detect and eliminate the potential for fraud.

The third component of the training focuses on entrepreneurship. Our instructors will impart upon the students the skills needed for them to take leadership roles to become MDS coordinators and work independently in their facilities.

Benefits of the Course to Students

Students who complete the MDS LTC training will find new opportunities open to them as a result of taking the course. First, they are able to use their new skills intrastate through COMPAC. Their skills are transferrable to any skilled nursing facility within the country that uses the MDS assessments. Secondly, the training potentially increases the net worth of students as MDS Coordinators.

This will allow them to achieve gainful employment due to the building of their existing skill set. Students who pass the course are also able to more effectively communicate with the corporate arm of their facilities, ensuring a mutual understanding of the MDS assessments from both corporate and healthcare/patient advocate perspectives.


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