MDS Services

MDS LTC Training and Consulting has four main areas of operations:


We offer courses on completing MDS assessments directly to students for an affordable fee. The courses teach critical thinking skills to students who will become MDS coordinators. We also provide consultation training for students to consult with the corporations that operate in tandem with skilled nursing facilities. The curriculum focuses on entrepreneurialism, understanding the MDS skill set and coding, and individual state licensing.

Team Care

MDS LTC Training and Consulting recognizes the need for structured MDS Training in order to better develop a team of capable MDS certified nurses. Our company intends to solve this dilemma with our educational courses. The key component being team development among all skilled nurses and corporate partners.

Patient Care

Our goals are to improve quality of life for the patients utilizing nursing home and skilled nurse facilities by capturing the full Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates for those facilities. In order for this to occur, MDS coordinators and other nursing professionals need to be equipped with the skills necessary to complete accurate MDS and patient assessments. The training courses we implement are designed to teach nurses and MDS coordinators how to complete the assessments and capture the full reimbursement rates allowed under Medicare/Medicaid while still remaining in compliance with the corresponding laws.

Corporate Outreach

At Allura Rose Corporation, we understand the importance of maintaining accuracy when it comes to auditing and evaluating MDS assessments. To address this issue, we formed MDS LTC Training and Consulting, a company to assess the needs of corporations in charge of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.

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