Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding MDS and MDS LTC Training and Consulting. Feel free to call us toll-free at 855-435-4925 or send an email inquiry to info@mdsltctraining.com if you have any other questions.

What is MDS?

MDS is an abbreviation for Minimum Data Set, a list of standards for Medicaid/Medicare long-term care facilities. This assessment tool measures the physical, psychological, and physiological capabilities of long-term care patients. The information is then used to determine the healthcare needs of those patients.

What can MDS do for my medical practice?

The MDS standards perform a dual function for medical practices: 1) It enables facilities to provide the necessary standard of care for their patients, and 2) is the means for care facilities to receive funding through Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements.

Is MDS required?

Yes, MDS assessments are required by federal law. MDS is part of a government-mandated process of evaluation for all Medicaid/Medicare-certified long term care facilities and nursing homes.

What is MDS LTC Training and Consulting?

MDS LTC Training and Consulting is a licensed company of healthcare professionals who are committed to raising the standards of patient care.  We provide training to educate licensed and registered nurses in the specialized skill of MDS coordinating. We also provide consultation services to corporations in order to maximize every aspect of patient care and profit margin.

I’m a nurse. What can MDS LTC Training and Consulting do for me?

As a licensed and/or registered nurse for a long-term care facility, it’s beneficial to hone your skill set in completing the MDS 3.0 form. This enables your facility to give patients a high quality of life by receiving the fullest range of Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements available while maintaining compliance under federal law.

Our training courses give you knowledge to accurately complete the MDS 3.0 form, as well as the capability to become patient advocates and MDS coordinators. The skills you learn are transferable to any skilled nursing facility in the country. Training in MDS completion enables you to increase your net worth as an employee and entrepreneur.

What can MDS LTC Training and Consulting do for corporations?

Our professionals understand the necessity of maintaining optimal nursing home and skilled nurse facilities. Corporations governing these facilities are faced with supervisory tasks that are both costly and time-consuming. The consulting arm of our company provides a liaison between corporations and facilities. We work with the goal of maximizing patient care and profit margin.

How can I find out more?

Check our website often for updates. For general questions, please call 855-435-4925 (toll-free) or email info@mdsltctraining.com.

Written correspondence can be directed to 1402 Corinth Street, Suite 132, Dallas, Texas, 75215.

How do I pay?

Course attendees can pay for their training course online during the application process. You can also pay for your course tuition by calling our offices at 855-435-4925 (toll-free). We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Debit Cards.

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