Corporate Outreach

Working Together With Corporations

We at Allura Rose Corporation understand the importance of maintaining accuracy when it comes to auditing and evaluating MDS assessments.

One simple error or oversight in code can keep a nursing facility from receiving the fullest reimbursement rates under Medicare/Medicaid law. This increases the burden on their parent corporations to stretch resources to ensure assessments are completed correctly, potentially undercutting valuable time and money. To address this issue, we formed MDS LTC Training and Consulting, a company to assess the needs of corporations in charge of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.

Our licensed company consists of professionals with years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our MDS consultants come from backgrounds of skilled nursing, social work, pharmacology, and business administration. Each consultant is dedicated to the goals of advancing patient care and ensuring that corporations are able to maximize the profit margin of the facilities.

In a six to twelve-month period, our consultants have been able to capture the highest rates available for the facilities utilizing their coordinating skills. These facilities saw increased profit margins and experienced a swift 10% to 22% increase in Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates. As a result of our consultants’ work, the facilities continue to see stable growth and revenue each year.

Medicare/Medicaid laws and reimbursement rates change every year. We realize how difficult and time-consuming it is for corporations to keep abreast of the latest changes. MDS LTC Training and Consulting is here to help. Let our experienced staff of healthcare professionals assist your corporation in navigating MDS assessments. Call or visit our website in order to schedule your consultation today.

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